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About Cornucopia Candles

Since 2014, our mission has been to help others fashion a homely ambience through the finishing touches of light, colour and subtle fragrances. We believe in living for today – and tomorrow, as our households becomes more than just a home.

We have curated a collection of fragrances that suit all ages, family members and times of the year, to provide a line of gifts that are more than just an unassuming piece.

Carrying a refined line of 20 fragrances each of our products are available as a:

  • A reed diffuser which unobtrusively fills the room
  • A candle to light up the moments we share together
  • Or if you prefer a light spritzer of a room mist, to quickly alleviate an aroma.

Our mission was inspired by our values to connect with each other near and far; as our homes adapt as we grow as a family, the scents and fragrances that feel we enjoy change too. From the bold smells of a wintery evening, to the soft summer fragrances that remind you, it will stop raining, our evolution through the sense of smell, can become an expression of yourself or transport you back to a distant memory.

The quality of our products has remained paramount to our mission, using only UK based products, supporting families near and far, we are proud to offer, organic, natural products which are also vegan friendly. Accordingly, we invite you to discover all we have to offer, we know there is a fragrance for everyone at every occasion.