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Aery Botanical Collection Votive Candle Set


Aromatherapy Gift Sets designed to fill your home with lush and fresh fragrances.

Set of three pure soy wax  votive candles with Lead Free Cotton Wicks

Step into the secret garden.

Bonsai Tree.  Fig Leaf.  Citrus Tonic.

Clean and Long burning biodegradable soy wax


Plastic Free | GMO Free | Sustainable Soy | Vegan


Made in England


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Intricately blended essential oils and fragrances that have been designed to either revive and restore or soothe and soften. Fragrances include Fig Leaf, Bonsai Tree and Citrus Tonic.

Bonsai Tree – elevate your mood and spirit BIRCH SAP, ORANGE & YUZU With Petitgrain, Balsam, Grass & Woods.

Fig Leaf – elevate your mood and spirit BLACK FIG & VETIVER With Cedarwood essentials oils.

Citrus Tonic – Elevate you mood with essential oils LIME, BERGAMOT & MANDARIN With notes of Peppermint and Grapefruit.

Burn time – 15 hours

Net wt2.8oz or 80g each