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St Eval Terracotta Herb Pots and Tea Light Holders


‘Good things come in small packages.’

These scented small Terracotta Pot candles are perfect for adding a warm glow to your home.

Poured with an invigorating combination of herbs, the small terracotta pots make a rustic statement in your home.

Combine with the gorgeous Terracotta Tealight holders to create a relaxing ambience of warm, flickering candlelight.

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Available in the following fragrances –

Bay & Rosemary; An invigorating combination of herbal rosemary and cool bay leaf.

Bergamot & Nettle; An uplifting, herbal aroma with hints of spice.

Thyme & Mint; crisp, clear scent of crushed fresh garden mint blended with the herbal scent of thyme

Citronella; A fresh lemony fragrance, great to keep insects away.


  • Burn Time: up to 12 hours
  • Terracotta Pot Size: 60mm x 70mm
  • Fragrance: Bay & Rosemary; Bergamot & Nettle; Thyme & Mint; Citronella.

Candle tip: Once finished, fill with soil and plant some herbs to create your own herb garden.

  • Burn Time: up to 8 hours
  • Tea Light Size: 65mm x 26mm
  • Fragrance: Bay & Rosemary; Bergamot & Nettle; Thyme & Mint.

Candle tip: Our terracotta tealight holders are perfect for re-use with loose tealights.

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Bay & Rosemary, Bergamot & Nettle, Thyme & Mint, Citronella

Terracotta Pot Size

Herb Pot, Tea Light